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Terms and Conditions

The Alaska Education Network provides support, guidance and tools to assist you with your professional development priorities, however any decision you make, and the consequences that flow from such decisions, is your sole responsibility.

Resources and session recordings are intended for general education and information purposes only. Nothing on this Site, or any of the content provided to you by us during our provision of the resources and/ or services, purports to offer legal, medical, or professional advice. Use caution and always seek advice and/or discuss with your school and/or district leadership before acting on any information that is provided.

You acknowledge and agree that the Alaska Education Network, its director, the ECHO Coordinators, didactic presenters and all sponsoring attendees are not responsible for decisions that you may make nor losses that may arise out of any personal decision made by you at any time.  Sharing of the information gathered within the session and/or from the recordings and/or from the website is for educational purposes only and with that intent only.