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10/14/2020IDHow to Increase Student Engagement Using ZoomKylie Hutchinson
10/21/2020IDCanvas for Engagement! – Designing your Feedback LoopAmanda Adams
10/28/2020IDUpdate with Classroom Teachers with Dr. ZinkDr. Anne Zink
11/4/2020IDIntroduction to Canvas: Overview of the main features and benefits as your LMSLem Wheeles
11/11/2020IDSupporting Parents During Online InstructionRachel White 
11/18/2020IDEmpowering students using Habits of Mind and shifting towards self-directed learningNikki Acena 
12/9/2020IDWelcome the School Recognition and Support Team SRS Team 
1/6/2021IDInquisication: An Inquisitive Education Allie Gardner
1/20/2021IDTime to THRIVE in 2021Carey Gray 
2/3/2021IDA Student-Driven Classroom – Empowering AccountabilityAmanda Adams
2/17/2021IDProject-Based Learning (PBL) – Infusing Essential PBL Elements into All LearningDr. Kay Sturm
3/3/2021IDDr. Zink’s Spring Update with Classroom TeachersDr. Anne Zink
3/24/2021IDCTE Lesson ClearinghouseZach Stenson + others

Incorporating Computer Science in Curriculum – Why is it important now?

 Sam Jordan