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10/6/2020ELLeadership in the Face of ‘New’ School ModelsTammy Van Wyhe, Karen Melin, Carey Gray, and Raquel Schroeder
10/20/2020ELObserving Flexible Teaching and LearningMelissa Linton 
11/3/2020ELAttendance DataThink Tank Session with Principals
11/17/2020ELEmpathetic Listening: Understanding Before ActingMichael Murphy
12/1/2020ELThe Cynefin Framework for Leading in Complex Adaptive SystemsPrincipal Michael Webb 
12/15/2020ELWelcome the School Recognition and Support Team SRS Team 
1/12/2021ELWhat is Your Why?Allie Gardner
1/26/2021ELLeading dismantling racist/white supremacist structures in our schoolsArthur Sosa/Deanna Beck
2/9/2021ELPart 2 – Observing Teaching and LearningMelissa Linton 
2/23/2021ELProject-Based Learning (PBL) – Creating Culture with the Essential Design ElementsDr. Kay Sturm
3/30/2021ELAdult SEL for Effective Leadership Rebekah Hayden
4/6/2021ELBetter Observations, Better Conversations: Learn about evidence to improve teacher practices in STEMS classrooms. i4Project (Carrie Morris)